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17 Design Ideas for Hanukkah Nails to Try This Holiday Season
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UM, Hanukkah is right around the corner (ish), which means it's time to get excited about All of The Things, including ~nail art~ (hey, I can't help it if I'm obsessed with the holidays). Sure, you could choose a little dreidel or maybe a menorah, but if you're looking for nail art ideas that aren't literal Hanukkah decorations and are a little more abstract (read: much easier and less time-consuming), I've gathered 17 cool design ideas that are perfect for the occasion.

You have until Hanukkah starts (which, by the way, is Dec. 10) to gather your supplies and practice these ideas, but no need to add one more thing to your impending holiday stresses: I broke down all the tips and best nail polish recommendations you need to copy each look so you can spend less time trying to opening the crusty old bottles of polish in your bathroom drawer and more time looking for the perfect Hanukkah game.

1 Blue and Chrome Mani for Hanukkah

2 Almond Nails With Blue Tips

If you've already got almond nails and want to work with your nail shape, paint the tips in varying shades of blue for a Hanukkah-worthy manicure.

3 All White With Accent Nails

We get it, unless you're a nail pro, painting a teeny tiny menorah on your pinky finger is gonna be a no-go for Hanukkah. But a clean, simple mani like this with white nail polish and little twinkle stickers evokes the feeling of lit candles without all the hassle and shaky lines.

4 Abstract Blue Nail Designs

Speaking of shaky lines! If your Hanukkah nails have gone awry thanks to an overly ambitious idea, lean into your imperfection and turn it into an abstract design with two different shades of blue nail polish. It'll look much cooler anyway.

5 Blue Nails With Silver Foil

6 Negative Nail Art With Metallic Tips

Now that we're all comfortable using nail transfer foil, whip it out every day and wear a different look for each night of Hanukkah. For this negative nail-art design, focus the transfer foil on only the top half of the nail and leave the bottom half bare or painted with a thin coat of nude polish.

7 Silver Foil Tips for Hanukkah

8 Blue-and-White Marble Mani

Oh, you thought I was kidding when I suggested wearing a different foil nail art design for all eight nights?! As you get better at it, step up your look by combining a blue-and-white marble design with a few flecks of gold foil. To get the marbled look, swirl together your two shades of polish with a striper brush while they're still wet.

9 Different Shades of Blue and Silver Nail Polish

If you can paint inside the lines, you can pull off this nail art design, no prob. Grab five different shades of nail polish in Hanukkah colors, like silver and blue, and paint each nail a different shade. Honestly, the hardest part is narrowing down which five colors to use.

10 Iridescent Silver Nails

For a nail polish look that could pass as both Hanukkah nails and New Year's Eve nails, look no further because this holographic nail polish is it. When you have a nail color this fun and bold, you need not add a design. See what I mean?

11 Blue Asymmetrical Tips

If a traditional French manicure is not really your thing, try a more modern take for Hanukkah with these asymmetrical lines in two different shades of blue nail polish.

12 Blue Marble Nails for Hanukkah

Now that you've figured out how to do the two-tone marble nail look, add a third shade into a mix for a marbled mani like this, which also kinda looks like tie-dye nails.

13 Blue-to-Silver Gradient Designs

If you love a good ombré nail look, try this version for Hanukkah. These negative nails with slivers of navy and silver are easier to copy than you'd think. Nail hack: Use clear office tape to keep your edges sharp and mess-free.

14 Icy Blue and Silver Abstract Nails

This design is equal parts winter nails and Hanukkah nails, which means you can wear them long after the holiday season. Instead of a darker blue, opt for a light shade of blue nail polish with metallic detailing for an icy look like this.

15 Chrismukkah Nails

If you celebrate more than one holiday and need a design that'll incorporate both Hanukkah and Christmas nail colors, here's a unique idea for ya. Embellish your nails with both blue and green rhinestones for a look that feels more like jewelry than nail art.

16 Sapphire and Silver Nails

These deep blue nails are made even better by the silver glitter nail polish, star stickers, and gold embellishments. Never has a nail look embodied the wintertime night sky or Hanukkah so flawlessly.

17 Blue Half-Moon Mani

If you want a classic, classy Hanukkah nail look, go with these oval nails and a half-moon mani. Remember what I said about the tape trick? Yeah, that works here, too.

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