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26 Red-Hair Halloween Costumes So You Can Live Your Best Ginger Life
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26 red hair halloween costume ideas for 2020

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Odds are you’ve landed here because you either have red hair and want it to be part of your Halloween costume this year or love red hair so much you want to buy a wig and just effing Go. For. It. this year. Either way, the 26 costumes below should get the wheels in your mind turning, from movie and TV shows to comic and story book characters, there's plenty of inspo to go around.

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1 Poison Ivy

Live out your villain dreams in a green and leafy getup.

2 Jessica Rabbit

Throw on your best red gown and purple gloves and you’ll be a dead ringer for this sexy toon.

3 Joan Of Arc

Though there have been many depictions of the actual color of Joan of Arc's hair, in many paintings her strands are red. Drape yourself in chainmail armor and get yourself a fake sword to channel the iconic heroine and saint.

4 Jessie from Rocket Power

Steal all the Pokémon as Jessie from this villainous team. A white two-piece with the Rocket logo, black gloves, and a Pokéball will turn you into the cartoon.

5 Kim Possible

Break out your stealth moves—and cargo pants—to be this animated crime fighter for Halloween.

6 Ms. Frizzle from The Magic School Bus

The unique schoolteacher definitely had a flair for the dramatic with her field trips...and her outfits. Get some fabric paint to draw some planets on a blue dress and make sure your red hair is extra curly.

7 Jessie from Toy Story

A braided ponytail with a yellow ribbon will make you a straight-up toy. Don't forget the red hat, button-up shirt, and cow-printed bottoms!

8 A Clown

Love ’em or hate ’em, there’s no denying that many clowns have red hair, so get your loudest colors on and play the part if you want!

9 IT

Don’t want to be a silly clown? Be a murderous one, like the one from IT.

10 Daphne from Scooby Doo

Go solo in an all-purple 'fit or get your friends to play Velma, Shaggy, and Fred and you’ll have the whole gang.

11 Chucky

Whether you opt to be a sexy version of this killer doll or a more scary version, you’ll have a great time in these signature overalls and stripes.

12 Chuckie from Rugrats

Or you can be a different "Chuckie," like the one from Rugrats. A blue top, green shorts, purple glasses, and freckles will help you nail this costume.

13 Wilma from The Flinstones

Be your most glamorous cavewoman self as Wilma in a white asymmetrical dress and giant pearl necklace with a chic updo.

14 Joan Holloway from Mad Men

Joan was a FORCE on Mad Men, and if you want to bring that same badass energy on Halloween, don a red form-fitting dress, brooch, red lipstick, and handy pen necklace.

15 Sailor Jupiter

This Sailor Scout's hair is more auburn, but that's still counts as a redhead in my book! A green-and-white schoolgirl outfit with a ponytail and a fighting stance will make everyone recognize you on Halloween.

16 I Love Lucy

Hijinks will most likely ensue when you put on this ’50s-inspired polka-dot costume from one of the most famous sitcoms in history.

17 Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland

Fab makeup skills help pull this off, but even if you're not that great (*raises hand*), put on your most eclectic outfit—and accessorize with a teacup—and a green top hat and people will get the gist.

18 Sriracha Sauce

Okay, you don’t ~need~ red hair to pull off this costume, but it doesn't hurt! This same idea applies to other hot sauces, ketchup, buffalo, and BBQ sauce, FYI.

19 Merida from Brave

Got little brothers? Pretend to turn them into bears all night in this fun costume, why don’t you?

20 Black Widow

21 Scarlet Witch

Another redheaded Avenger is the Scarlet Witch so rock a red leotard, headpiece, and cape and pretend you can conjure red beams from your hands.

22 Winifred Sanderson from Hocus Pocus

This Sanderson sister arguably has the most iconic look of the movie thanks to her bright red hair in buns and her vivid green cape.

23 Ariel from The Little Mermaid

Sure, the seashell bra and green tail are her signature look, but her pink nightgown is a more unique costume that's still easy to recognize—especially with a "dinglehopper" to brush your hair.

24 Mary Jane Watson

This MJ and Spider-Man mash-up makes for a super cool Halloween costume where you can still show off your amazing hair.

25 A Nurse

Red hair will match the red trim on your white dress and your thigh-high boots. We love coordination!

26 Raggedy Ann Doll

More dolls, but this time a little less serial-killer-y and a little more wholesome.

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