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6 Best Gingerbread House Kits That Are Sooooo Cute
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best gingerbread house kits


The best part about the holidays is all the time you get to spend with your fam. It's an opportunity to finally bond in ways you haven't been able to throughout the year. You could spend each day looking forward to treats inside of an advent calendar or you can really come together and build an epic gingerbread house. If you're up for the challenge, there are several kits you can grab. And don't worry there's something for every type of baker.

Whether you're up for a challenging DIY project that tests your skills or looking for something that leans more on the semi-homemade side (we won't tell), there's a gingerbread must-have for everyone below. So read on and grab one to work on this holiday season.

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this classic beauty

Gingerbread House Kit harry and david


Keep it small and sweet. That way you won't have to spend hours figuring out where to place the frosting and candy add ons.


these pyramids

Set of 2 8 Gingerbread Cookie Valerie Parr Hill


Gingerbread men are the cutest. So if you want to impress your guests, you gotta add these two pyramids to your table.


this golden one

Dazzling Gingerbread House Wilton


You and your fam can take turns waving the icing wand back and forth over this ready-to-decorate gingerbread house. JIC you're in a rush, Prime members can get it delivered in two days.


these gourmet cookies

Cookie Sampler Gift Box Finally Ginger


For those looking for fancy gourmet ginger cookies, you gotta try Finally Ginger's yummy treats. Test your stacking skills and layer them into the shape of a house for the ultimate ~display.~


this Halloween house

Halloween Gingerbread House Plain Williams Sonoma


You gotta admit it: It's a little early to be looking at all Christmas-themed houses. If you wanna get some practice in before the major holiday season, then try your luck with this Halloween-themed kit.


This Lego option

Gingerbread House Lego


I know you can't actually bite into this one, but the Lego lovers will definitely have fun assembling this magical gingerbread house. Plus you can leave it on the kitchen counter for days without worrying about ants.

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