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8 really fun skincare masks for every part of your body except your face
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Masks are a 2020 requisite, and while you’d rather have them off when you’re staying in, this shopping edit is the kind of covering up that you won't mind doing indoors. Skincare that will give you a Jolie-esque jawline or smooth under eyes like you just woke up from the most relaxing nap? To that, we say, mask on. 

1. Swiss Clinic Hyaluronic Microneedle Eye Patches

Needles around the eyes may make us sound like lunatics, but if this lovechild of microneedling and sheet masks is going to help us fake an eight-hour plus sleep on our morning Zoom call, then we don’t mind a bit of poking. These plumping, firming eye patches from Swiss Clinic are supercharged with 148 microstructures made 100 per cent out of hyaluronic acid—the moisture-locking superhero—that painlessly penetrate into your eye skin area to soak up the hydration. Leave it on overnight if your skin’s asking for it.

2. Anese Calm Your Tits Boob Mask


Your breasts go through a lot without complaining much. They are also the most sensitive and nerve-responsive areas of your body. As we grow older, the connective tissue that keeps them perked up, starts to get stretched, and they lose their elasticity. Give them a little TLC a few times a week with this ultra nourishing matcha and honey infused mask, packed with collagen. 

3. House of Beauty Jade Eye Mask 

This mask gives you the goodness of a jade roller without the effort, so instead of rolling it on, you simply laze with it on. Place the pastel mask on your eyes after your day or night skincare routine and let the stone soothe your skin and de-puff the eyes. Reverse and place on your chin and lips for a similar effect. 

4. Wishful Chin Lift

When Huda Kattan launched her own skincare line, we knew she’d come up with ways to tackle every everyday-girl problem you’ve ever faced. Like introducing this jaw sculpting sheet mask for days when you’ve just given up on trying to contour, or obsessed over your double chin while thinking about that ‘facial workout’ you’ll never actually end up doing. It’s packed with peptides to support lifting and elasticity, adenosine to energise and nourish, and niacinamide to reduce the appearance of fine lines and dullness. The method of application—the mask comes with a ‘lifting tape’ that mimics the elasticity of your skin and keeps your jawline lifted—will ensure your face feels toned like it just did a combined session of HIIT and yoga.

5. Sephora Avocado Hand Mask 

Your body’s most washed part deserves a mask—one that comes in the form of intensely hydrating moisture-soaked gloves that you just put on. It helps give your hands the well-deserved fifteen minute rest too. The avocado will load your skin with the essential fatty acids to make your hands supple and soft, so you can get back to your sanitisation routine with abandon.

6. Innisfree Special Care Mask, Elbow and Knees

Your body’s most ignored parts deserve a mask too. These hydrating patches will improve the elasticity and texture of the skin on your elbows and heels. With herbal green complex extract and other botanical ingredients, revive the skin on your bendy parts with flood them with nutrition.

7. Hatch Mama Belly Mask 

In 2020, it's important to accept that scars of any kind, including stretch marks, are natural. But a skincare ritual that includes your growing belly could be the perfect way to relax if you're stuck at home. This targeted biodegradable sheet mask for mamas and mamas-to-be does claim to minimise stretch marks, but the best part is how smooth and hydrated it leaves your belly. Besides, that baby bump could do with a little facial.

8. iKoo Infusions Thermal Treatment Hair Wrap 

If you ever think your hair watched you mask your entire body off with nourishing formulas, and wondered if there’d ever be a day it could be wrapped in the same moisturising goodness, you may want to get your strands into iKoo’s masks. It uses heat therapy to blanket your locks in essential oils of lavender, juniper and basil, protecting it from all the harshness it goes through, through the day. It’ll soothe, soften and heal damaged roots and split ends, and feels like your head just had a spa day.

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