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Are You Living a Happy And Fulfilling Life? | Small Happy Things
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Are you living a fulfilling life? What is a life of fulfillment and happiness to you?

Having or making a lot of money? Working a well-paid job? Going traveling every now and then? Having a house or two? Being seen as a successful person? Being healthy? Being with your loved ones? Doing what you love every day? Helping others and make them happy….

The list can go on…

Everyone can choose the kind of life they want to lead. So there really isn’t a good or bad kind of life (well, as long as people aren’t hurting others). After all, it’s their own choice and they have the full responsibility to accept what may come because of the decisions they’ve made.

If making more money or working a well-paid job is what you find fulfilment in life, then keep your head down and work, stop complaining about the boring job or having little time spent to relax. That’s your choice.

If going traveling every now and then is what you love, then don’t get upset when your money is all saved for traveling, or when your time is spent on planning for the journeys, or about whatever obstacles you encounter before, during or after your journeys. Deal with the obstacles. Because that’s your choice.

If having a house or two is what makes you happy, then don’t complain about cutting your entertainments, having to work extra harder and saving all your money for these things you crave for. Because that’s your choice.

If being seen as a successful person is what you want, then don’t tell people how hard it is to reach your dreams. Success never comes easy. It takes million times of failures. And if you fail along the way to your goal, face it and learn from it. Because that’s your choice.

If being healthy is what you value, then stop blaming about how hard it is to exercise regularly and eating only healthy foods. That’s your choice.

If being with your loved ones is what you want, then don’t moan about the bad things about your partner (or family). No one is perfect. Anything sad between you and your loved ones needs to be communicated and solved, there’s no fleeing away. Because that’s your choice.

If doing what you love every day makes you enegized, don’t compare yourself with others’ jobs which may have higher salary or more employee benefits etc. Because that’s your choice.

If helping others is your purpose, then don’t tell others how difficult in reality it is to help those in need and change their lives. That’s your choice.

At the end of the day, you are responsible for yourself (and others too are responsible for themselves). Whatever you live for, there’s always the upside and downside of it. If this is what you truly want and feel happy about, you must embrace the downside of it too — no complaining.

If you complain about your life all the times, take a moment to think about whether you’re really doing what you find happy and fulfilling.

To me, writing stuff that helps people reflect about their lives and change for the better is what I find meaningful and fulfilling. I won’t complain how much work I have to do to read, learn, think and write. I won’t complain how difficult it can be to reach my writing goals. I also don’t mind if there’re people who don’t support me or disagree my stance. Because that’s my choice, and I’ll always do my best to live the life I want.

What about you? Are you ready to take on the upside and downside of what you love to do?

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