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Beauty Secrets and Diet Tips of Bollywood Stars
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Beauty, skin care and diet. The three things every woman wants to know more about. We all wonder how Bollywood stars still look flawless in our day. How they maintain a healthy diet, what they use on your skin and what beauty means to them.

Pagalparrot has brought together four of Bollywood’s greatest actresses who always look incredible with or without makeup. Here are their beauty secrets!

Jacqueline Fernandez

Jacqueline Fernandez is a Bollywood actress who continues to reveal her beauty / skin care tips. She has given numerous interviews in which she has shared her makeup and skin care regimen with fans.

In an interview with Vogue India, the Sri Lankan beauty said she uses ice wrapped in muslin tissue and puts it on her cheeks and eyes to reduce swelling and maintain a healthy glow.

In her second interview to Cosmopolitan India, Jacqueline focuses on healthy eating and being aware of what kind of food we eat. She said:

“Trust me, when I was a teenager I was free from pimples, what cosmetics can’t do, take my diet. Gradually I became more aware of my nutrition and stopped eating junk. A diet low in fish, veggies, fruits, nuts, and carbs and sugar soon made my skin glow. ”

The Bollywood star said that she can always promise Kertase as a brand. And although it may be a high tip and a valuable option, it gives good results and is worth it.

She uses beer to wash her hair. To add sparkle, she uses the egg white mask she makes at home. Jacqueline also takes zinc as a hair supplement and eats foods rich in omega-3.

Madhuri Dixit

Madhuri Dixit is another actress who has stolen hearts with her beautiful aura, gorgeous skin and healthy locks. The timeless lamp always looks stunning and we are dying to know its beauty secret.

What is the beauty of Madhuri Dixit?

She told StyleCraze:

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and what is beautiful to one does not have to be beautiful to another. But one must always work to look good and good. “

In terms of hair, the beautiful actress said that she is using oils to help nourish and soften her hair. She told Filmfare: “Mix equal amounts of olive oil and castor oil and apply to your hair and scalp.”

Madhuri’s beauty system does not have many products. To achieve a natural glow, she just stays happy. As simple as it sounds, they claim it worked for her. She also says that dancing is very spiritual for her and keeps her happy and beams from within. Dance is also a great source of cardio.

One of the secrets sworn by the Mega Star is SPF moisturizing and wearing and always oiling your hair before washing!

Sonam Kapoor

Fashionista Sonam is a Bollywood actress who is known for her inspiring fashion looks and L’Oreal’s brand ambassador.

Sonam told Style Craze: “Think right, eat right, be good, be satisfied and feel beautiful on the inside as it is reflected on your face.”

“Think right, eat right, be happy, be content and feel beautiful as it is reflected on your face.”

She brushes her hair using a conical hairbrush and uses Kertase products. Sonam is immersed in coconut water every 2 hours which keeps her skin in good condition.

Most of us know that Kapoor lost weight before he got into Bollywood movies. She followed a strict diet. Her diet plan includes:

Breakfast At Oatmeal And Fruits

Lunch Hal dhal, vegetables, salad and a piece of chicken or fish

Foods ~ High-fiber foods such as chicken or crackers with egg whites

Dinner Ou soup, salad and piece of chicken

Neutrogena is her favorite sunscreen brand and she never goes out of the house without applying it.

Like Madhuri, Sonam also relies on oils for nourishing hair and uses it twice a month. She mixes coconut oil with almond oil. Avoid products filled with oily substances and heavy chemicals.

Katrina Kaif

Katrina Kaif is one of the leading hot and mesmerizing women in Bollywood. She has been in the industry for some time now and her glamorous look has won the hearts of the audience.

Katrina is one of those actresses who loves to keep her makeup and hair simple. We never see her experiment without her red hair from the movie Fitur. That being said, she never fails to look glamorous and sexy at the same time.

When she wakes up, Katrina drinks four glasses of water. This is her skin care routine – very simple, right? Drinking water definitely makes a difference. Sometimes it’s not about what you apply to your skin but what you eat and what goes into your body.

Before going to bed, Katrina recommends removing makeup with a good cleanser to remove all thorns and other debris.

Sometimes she gets pet treatments that include facials and massages. These treatments stimulate blood circulation and make your skin glow. Mineral mud masks are Katrina’s emergency use from time to time. They quickly reduce impurities, especially if you notice a breakout.

The stunning actress loves to keep her makeup simple and all she needs are sunscreen and lip balm. Her secret makeup tip is applying ice wrapped in a muslin cloth all over her face before applying makeup!

These tips from our favorite Bollywood beauties are definitely useful and we always apply them in our daily work.

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