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Big Hair Care Myths Busted By Celebrity Hairstylist
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We share a strange relationship with hair: it’s either too flat, too frizzy, too curly or not straight enough. When we’re not coercing our hair with hot styling tools, we’re stressing about hair fall. And we’re definitely not the only ones who are torn between big brand products, salon treatments and at-home DIYs. To put all our questions to rest, ELLE beauty & health director, Mamta Mody chatted with celebrated hairstylist, Natasha Naegamvala in the latest edition of ELLE Masterclass. Natasha bust some hair care myths, gave her honest product recommendations, and some genius hair care advice.

Here are a few edited excerpts from the conversation…

Hair Care Myth 1: You shouldn’t change your shampoo often

 “There are various factors and conditions that need to be taken into consideration when picking a hair product,” says Natasha. Everything from the humidity to your menstrual cycle can affect your hair’s current state. “You can’t always rely on one entire range to fix your problems. You can be dealing with different issues and you need different products to address that.” For example, you may use a colour protection shampoo, but a hydrating conditioner to smoothen frizz. Natasha confessed, “I have nine different hair products in my shower right now and I use all of them.” Her key advice: “Consider products that are sulfate- and paraben-free. They don’t have the drying alcohol and preservatives that often damage hair quality.” 

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Hair Care Myth 2: Heat protection is not important

“I meet so many people at the salon who are averse to using product in their hair, and then worry about heat damage—but thermal protection is essential. The hot plates of a hair iron are coming in direct contact of your hair. I would say that you douse your hair in product—all along the shaft—and keep the temperature of your styling took at 185 degrees,” says Natasha. 


Hair Care Myth 3: One styling product should be enough 

Natasha recommends a basic rule when it comes to using hairstyling products: Build a good foundation by layering products, as they all offer different functions “One could be for hydration, another for hold, and the next for shine. You need to find a combination that works for your needs. I would always start with an argan oil because it provides nutrients to the hair, and then move onto thermal protection for styling. Add gel to get that hold factor to make hair stay in place.” 

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Hair Care Myth 4: Twist and wrap hair tightly around a curling wand for long lasting curls

A little practice will goes a long way when it comes to hair curling technique. “Part your hair into sections, and wrap hair around the wand without twisting it. Keep it a little loose so that you can still move the wand in an up and down movement. This way you also avert the risk of burning your hair.” Pro tip: A mousse will work very well when creating loose curls.

Hair Care Myth 5: It’s okay to brush wet hair 

“Hair is at its weakest when it is wet so avoid any kind of abrasive drying methods. Don’t rub it between a towel and never comb it out. You can use a microfibre towel or an old t-short to squeeze out excess water, and try the Wet brush that specifically designed to comb out wet hair,” says Natasha. 

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