How to wear oversized t-shirt # 10 ideas you can rock

These days, oversized T-shirts are all the rage. They're also quite cosy and comfortable! However, learning how to properly wear an oversized T-shirt is essential. Otherwise, you risk standing out in a negative way! On days when you're too lazy to dress up, learn how to wear an oversized T-shirt to make a casual statement and appear effortlessly attractive.


Here are some outfit ideas including big T-shirts for you to consider. Check out all of the styling ideas by scrolling down!


1. Oversized t-shirt with a blazer

How to wear oversized tshirt with blazer for women

Wearing an oversized T-shirt with a blazer exudes a refined yet relaxed vibe. Wear a similar shade of the colour palette, such as an oversized white T-shirt with a grey blazer, to make your appearance cohesive. To make the shirt look more trendy, tuck it in and add a tight belt around your waist. This attire is appropriate for semi-formal gatherings or events. It's smart and casual, yet with a formal feel thanks to the blazer.


2. Oversized T-shirt Off-Shoulder Look

How to wear oversized tshirt

Oversized T-shirts with an off-shoulder design are really fashionable. They're loose-fitting and fall below your shoulders. Women with a slim figure may pull this off with ease. This dress draws attention to your shoulders and collarbone. You can add a corset belt on it to give it some shape. All you need is a little self-assurance, and this enormous off-shoulder T-shirt will look fantastic!


3. Tucked Oversized T-shirt

how to tuck oversized tshirt with jeans

Oversized T-shirts tucked in are incredibly cute and easygoing. You may project a laid-back vibe while yet looking stylish. An oversized T-shirt coupled with denim shorts is sure to make a statement. On a relaxing day or when you just want to hang out with pals, this might be your go-to attire. It's quite comfy and easy to wear while still being extremely fashionable.


4. Belt It Up

Belts are a great way to dress up your large t-shirts. They define your waistline and make you look slimmer. On big T-shirts, girls frequently use bold black belts. You can also use vibrant hues such as crimson. This attire is appropriate for both day and night.


5. Oversized T-shirt With Shorts

oversized t-shirt with shorts

Wearing oversized T-shirts with shorts is so much fun and stylish. They're laid-back but nonetheless make a fashion statement. You may wear them with denims in blue, black, or even white and look fantastic. This look is appropriate for a brunch or a casual day out shopping or running errands. It's comfortable, fashionable, and simple to put on. Shorts and oversized T-shirts are a match made in heaven. Just go for it and slay the look!


6. Knot It

How to wear a oversized tshirt with knot

Fashionistas and glam queens alike adore this look. It's casual, but the front knot adds a sleek touch that makes it look smart. Overskirts, denims, or shorts can be worn with the knotted large T-shirt. Depending on the situation, you can accessorise it appropriately. These knot-styled large T-shirts will look great day or night. They are the perfect balance of comfort and style.


7. Oversized T-shirt With Dungarees

Dungarees and oversized T-shirts look effortlessly cool. They're lighthearted, laid-back, and sporty. The suit exudes a sophisticated air. Dungarees are a relaxed look, and wearing them with baggy clothing merely makes everything more comfortable and fashionable. An oversized white T-shirt and blue denim dungarees are a common colour combo. This outfit would look great with a pair of sleek white sneakers.




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