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McDonald's Double Cheeseburger Recipe [100% Original]
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This recipe is quite famous and I am quite sure that all of you would have had this recipe for so many times that you don’t even remember. This recipe is one of the favorites among all the foodies and every single guy who is fond of eating outside.

I am talking about the Double cheeseburger. Yes, you heard it right.


I am very much fond of Burgers. I love them; even I sometimes make a burger at home instead of going out to have one. So today, I decided to share a simple recipe of a double cheeseburger with you guys which I learned from my uncle.

My uncle used to make very delicious Double cheeseburgers and he worked at McDonald’s during his prime. So I learnt this Double Cheeseburger recipe from him. So let’s start making.

To start with, we will need some of the important ingredients that I guess you may have at your home or you can get them easily from the nearest super market.

Ingredients For Double Cheeseburger

Ingredients Quantity
Hamburger bun 1 pc
Ground beef 1/3 pound
Salt A pinch
Processed cheese 4 pc
Salad dressing 1 tsp
Tomato 1 slice
Lettuce leaf 1 pc
Onion 1 slice

So these ingredients are enough to make a super cool Double Cheese hamburger at home. 

How Much Time It Will Take?

This recipe will be made in some minutes. I mean I haven’t seen any recipe which takes so less time without even compromising with the taste. So let’s have a look at how much time will this McDonald’s Double Cheese hamburger.

Preparation time Cooking time Total time
5 minutes 10 minutes 15 minutes

Now comes the favorite part. Yes! Let’s start making this Double cheeseburger, I am very excited while writing this recipe, I don’t know why. Anyways here are the instructions.

Double Cheeseburger Recipe

Double Cheeseburger

  1. Take a pan or skillet whatever you have at your home.
  2. Preheat it over medium heat, now toast both halves of the burger bun for about 2 minutes.
  3. Make patties by cutting the beef into two parts and add salt to it for taste.
  4. Now Cook these patties on a pan and flip after every 2 minutes. 
  5. Now after flipping the patties, quickly put the cheese on them and cook. for another 2-3 minutes until the meat is cooked properly.
  6. Now the burger is ready for filling. Put the things in order as written: bottom bum, dressing, tomato, a beef patty with cheese, onion, a beef patty with cheese, and top bun.

Your Double Cheeseburger is ready. Serve it on a plate with some ketchup or any other sauce or dressing.

Nutritional Facts Of Double Cheeseburger

This recipe is a made-in-home recipe and doesn’t contain any health-harming ingredients. This recipe is healthy and causes no health problems. But still, here is the nutritional breakdown of the recipe in the box below.

Calories 757.8
Protein 45 gm
Sugars 8.5 gm
Fat 49.7 gm
Dietary fiber 1.8 gm
Calcium 1078.7 mg
Cholesterol 157.5 mg
Iron 4 mg

How To Make Double Cheeseburger at Home | Video

To make this Double cheeseburger at home you may need a video to watch the exact procedure if you are doing it for the first time. So here is a video to help you out.


Video by Tasty

I hope you like this double cheeseburger recipe and I am pretty sure that you will try this at your home. Please share your valuable reviews with us and let us know in the comment section below.

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