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Mental Health Tips What You Think You Become
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What one reads and thinks about constantly is what determines the way they live. I speak my future into being. I think what I want to live like. My mind thoughts are why I am having the best time in life during this pandemic. What are my keys to unlock a happy state of mind? Has this pandemic not highlighted on social media how other peoples opinions aggravate our state of mind? During my 11 weeks of lockdown, I had the biggest fights on social media about the lockdown.

I and other friends, including strangers state of mind were seen by their comments on my Facebook.

Having people write on social media their opinions about covid has resulted in me having to delete and block friends.

Their comments left me in a bad state of mind.

 I could not relax, work or smile.

Be brutal and delete social media if you can’t mentally handle abuse.

Don’t Compare Your Life To Others

I created new enemies but most of all caused a great deal of jealousy, resentment and envy regarding sharing my lifestyle. It also caused division and hate towards me and others regarding covid. I had to be brutal in blocking people who would leave me sad and in a negative state of mind. I was locked up in a tiny flat with my family of four. Unable to walk outside or have outside space. It was terrible for my mental health. People’s comments were leaving me in a poor state of mind.

Delete Negativity

By deleting people who made me feel worthless and not encouraging. It got me to a massive life-changing moment. For my mental health and my families well being.  l decided to sell all my possessions and leave. Its the best 2020 decision ever made. By leaving my current living situation which was terrible for lockdown. Il literally propelled my life into a fruitful one.

Villa Tuscany Lucca view Gracie Opulanza

My second lockdown view in Tuscany.

Italy Venice

After lockdown l travelled around Italy. When l told all my friends l was heading to the worse country for covid. They thought l lost my mind. Boy did l cop it. I was called irresponsible, a super spreader and disgusting. For simply doing what we normally did before covid. Live, shop, eat at restaurants and go to work. I have an online business l can work anywhere. I need to work as l don’t get a furlough. No government will ever support me. For me to put food on the table I have to work. My living space is important for my state of mind. The bad state of mind I don’t work we don’t eat.

What choices I made determined the way my life was lived. By changing my life living circumstances. I have chosen the road less travelled.

Grand Canal Venice 2020

My daily view whilst in Venice for one month.

Lead Don’t Follow

I am a leader, not a sheep. I live out as each day comes. I know what is best for me and my state of mind. I do this simply for my mental health. It’s why I am so happy where I ended up for the next lockdown that I predicted would come. I chose a beautiful estate with endless space so when lockdown came again this time nature what at my doorstep. I know that flowers are what make me mentally sane. I listened to no one but my gut instinct. That was fruitful because my mindset was not stressed it was calm.

I actively seek peace in my life and am brutal to get rid of things and people who upset my peace.

christmas red fashion 2020 gracie opulanza

My living outdoor space during lockdown number two.

Watch What You Read And View On TV

It’s our mental state of mind during this inhumane lockdown is my biggest concern. People are locked up with Netflix as their own outlet for sanity. I watch films that motivate me to get out of tough situations. I watch TED talks to inspire me to move my career forward. I watch films that have a positive state of mind. Covid is a sideshow as far as l am seeing. People l am knowing for years are simply depressed and anxious. In this state of mind comes tragic outcomes.

Depression, obesity, violence, divorce and poverty and suicide is what is resulting by having us locked up unable to work and meet with others.

The Grass Is Never Greener

I speak to friends who have beautiful large homes, gardens, food and money. In some cases in their homes, they have a sauna, jacuzzi amazing wines but still, they are not coping. What is wrong with their state of mind? What are they thinking and watching or reading to feel so low?

They compare themselves to me. They say I am free and lucky living in Tuscany in an old large very cold Villa.

I created my own luck. I am where I am as I put my mind towards making it happen. I was mindful to watch what I read and who I listened to make this happen. What is missing in their mental state of mind? They are simply comparing my life to theirs.

This is self-destructive and not productive for anyone. The grass is never greener on the other side. Comparing towards others is a huge depressive action.

Its makes you feel horrible and a failure. Stop doing it. Work towards changing the way you live that makes you miserable.

Fattoria Mansi Bernardini Tuscany Italy 2020 (12) lemons

Me picking lemons on the estate during lockdown number two.

One Challenge At A Time

Take each day as it comes. Work with one thing in your household you have the mental power to change. It all starts with what you are thinking and projecting. I chose to sacrifice homeownership in order to live a life of travel with my kids.

That’s a massive problem for so many women. They want the beautiful home that is their lifetime goal. Most of the women I talk to think I am nuts not owning a home.

They deem me as a failure. That is because they don’t live the road less travelled. They follow the sheep of the biggest debt problems in the world. Owning a home they can’t even afford to live in.

I know so many now that have to sell or getting evicted because they overspent and borrowed. Their current state of mind is in tatters.

I owned three amazing homes which l sold. Unless you have the cash in life you must make sacrifices in order to live a debt-free life.

I am debt free for 20years. I owe nothing to no one. I made the sacrifices to be debt-free so l had a less stress-free life. Debt is the biggest mental health killer for most people. If that is you, sell everything you own to be debt-free. Resulting in stress-free life, which can free your mind to do things you love and make money from.

That has been my life since 2003.

It’s an amazing feeling.

Villa Living

I am living my dream by renting and marketing Villa’s for sale. I used to review hotels but that is over for now. I use my existing skills and with my mindset revolutionising how to sell a villa in Tuscany. Why do I do this? Because I have the right mindset of not allowing a pandemic to make me poor.

Poverty and depending on others is not a position I want to be in. So my life choices of being debt-free have allowed me to now do something I have never done before.

Have, I lost my mind?

Villa view Tuscany For sale 2021

You can buy this view for 3million euro drop me an email if you are interested.

Watch what you read, listen to and zoom call. It’s the difference between a happy life and a depressed one.

Happy New Year

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